Board-Certified and Licensed Music Therapists

Laura Beer, PhD, MT-BC

Marylhurst University

(503) 534-7052

Marti C. Bowles, MT-BC

Oregon State Hospital

(503) 947-9976

DAnielle Crowe, MT-BC

Refuge Music Therapy

(541) 231-7239

Stacey Castor, MT-BC

Oregon STate Hospital

(480) 529-4506

Lillieth grand, MT-BC

Milestone music therapy

(503) 214-0510

Marchele (Shelly) Gilman, MT-BC

Healing Rhythm Music Therapy

(541) 212-1716

Jess Hart, MT-BC

Oregon State Hospital

(541) 246-5942

Kate Harris, MT-BC

Portland Music Therapy 

(662) 202-2777

Jillian Lowery, MA, MT-BC

Willamette Valley Hospice

Angie Kopshy, MM, MT-BC

Portland Music Therapy 

(971) 221-7144

Carolyn Thibodeau, MT-BC

(503) 847-1999

Lisa Peterson, MT-BC

Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center

(503) 901-6953

Therese West, PhD, MT-BC, FAMI

Inspirations Music Therapy

Josh Wilson, MT-BC

Oregon State Hospital

(713) 320-4601

Jodi Winnwalker, LCSW, MT-BC

Earthtones Northwest

(971) 207-0725

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